You say you don't believe in magic? Well then, what do you believe in—luck? Because if you and your competitors all hire from the same pool, and you all employ the same best practices, which you all learned in the same places, and you still want your results to be better than their results, you will need one or the other.



About you

You’re an experienced marketer, with a sharp, insightful analyst and talented developers in place. Your team has A/B-tested landing page best practices, optimized your sign-up form, figured out the best color for buttons, and had some great wins. You've done everything right—and hit a wall.

Where do you go now for the boldly imaginative new testing ideas you need to boost your sales results to the next level?

About me

If you've got a high-revenue product or service and a crack sales team that knows how to close, we may have a fit. I increase lead volume, closed sales and virality by getting to know your product, customers, salespeople and practices, then hatching the powerful original creative test ideas you'd never think of in a million years—to convert more of your visitors into leads, more or your leads into closed sales, and more of your closed sales into enthusiastic evangelists.

In addition to producing extraordinary results for my clients, I’ve won over 30 awards for advertising creative, including: One Show Awards (The One Club for Art & Copy), ADDYs (American Advertising Federation), ANDYs (Art Directors Club of New York), Cable Car (Advertising Club of San Francisco), OCAFs (Orange County Advertising Federation), Communication Arts Annuals and more.


My clients' results are confidential. Please contact me for references.

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